Inco-Check, LLC Becomes QC Ally, Unveiling a New Brand Identity that Reflects Company’s Strategic Vision

BOSTON, MA, August 17, 2022 – Inco-Check, LLC today announced a corporate rebrand, including a new company name, QC Ally, LLC. This new brand represents the culmination of the company’s 22-year legacy of working collaboratively with client partners along with the new ownership’s vision of fostering innovation through high-quality QC and audit solutions. The combined teams bring experiences and expertise to the table that protect the lender and the consumer, ensure requirements are met, and build overall trust for the housing loan and finance industry.

Following the acquisition of Inco-Check by Narrow Gauge Capital in March 2022, the company is focused on providing industry-leading, tech-enabled enterprise loan quality and audit services to the financial services industry. “While celebrating Inco-Check’s legacy of high-quality audit services, this new branding reemphasizes our shared goals and collaboration with our client partners to enhance their business,” said Donna Gibson, Chief Operating Officer and President of QC Ally. “We are proud of our heritage and excited about our plans to further assist our client partners with their enterprise quality control, audit and risk management needs,” she concluded. Rooted in the company’s long-standing reputation of technology, people, and partnership, this rebrand seeks to unify a new identity with that legacy.

The rebrand launches today with a new website,, providing a glimpse into the new face of the company and offering true thought leadership with a corporate blog. The founding pillars of the rebrand include:

QUALITY: Always administering the most accurate, highest quality products and services.

PARTNERSHIP: Collaborating with client partners to align interests while ensuring timely responsiveness and white-glove service.

EXCELLENCE: Transcending every aspect of our client partner relationships starting with our product offerings – including LQ Pro©, our world-class software platform.

“Derived from the company’s proprietary software platform, LQ Pro, there wasn’t a more well-suited name than QC Ally to reflect the company’s continued commitment to tech-enabled solutions,” said QC Ally’s Chief Marketing Officer, Nicole Booth. She continued, “And the thoughtfully crafted logo reflects our commitment to accuracy, accessibility, and care.”

Understanding the value of enterprise loan quality and the importance of a full suite of services, QC Ally is updating its tech-enabled service offering to include access to LQ Pro. As the most accessible and largest lender-focused QC team in the US, the company is excited to continue bringing high-quality service offerings to the market with loan quality and fraud prevention at the forefront.

About QC Ally

QC Ally is your partner in tech-enabled enterprise loan quality and audit services. For over 20 years, we’ve delivered accurate results to ensure regulatory and investor compliance while providing quality control services aligned with every client partner’s unique requirements. Our loan quality experts are accessible to our client partners and leverage a suite of services and our world-class proprietary software, LQ Pro©, to provide a partnership-oriented experience that accelerates the mortgage manufacturing process. Together we achieve true enterprise quality throughout the lifecycle of the loan. Learn more at

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(703) 623-3743