Blog: Will You Create the Next Epic Mashup?

I remember the first time I heard one of the most famous and controversial mashup albums of all time – Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, which was an experimental project that combined the a cappella vocals of Jay-Z from the Black Album with samples from The Beatles’ The White Album.

I was blown away. Both albums were already great and popular on their own, and to combine them created a unique musical sound across genres and generations.

The popularity of “mashups”, or the blending of two or more songs, started to skyrocket in the early 2000s with the help of creative minds and digital tools. Have you heard Avicii & Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Wake You Up”? It’s a must-listen!

Mashups can happen in our professional lives as well. Two personalities, ideas, experiences, and/or expertise — who are respected and accomplished on their own — coming together to create something powerful towards a common goal.

There’s evidence of it everywhere from music to art to changing history. Or even combining two personality types as Author Jennifer Kahnweiler did. She zeroed in on two strong personality types, introvert and extrovert, to show how collaboration can create some remarkable results. In her book, “The Genius of Opposites: How Introverts and Extroverts Achieve Extraordinary Results Together”, she believed with a little nurturing, introverts and extroverts could create powerful partnerships.

What happens when we get creative or when we combine two standalone great ideas into one epic shared goal in business?

With this same passion, Inco-Check is proud to reveal the ultimate mashup that combines the company’s legacy of partnership with its client partners in a shared goal of enterprise loan quality with the new ownership’s vision of fostering the leading technology-enabled QC provider. All of this has culminated into a company rebrand (or mashup) QC Ally. The combined teams bring experiences and expertise to the table that protect the lender and the consumer, ensure all requirements are met, and continue to build trust for the housing loan and finance industry.

Next time you notice two or three ideas or opportunities, think creatively, and see what happens when you combine them.

In your opinion, what are examples that you’ve seen of great mashups in business or pop culture?