Housingwire Lunch and Learn: The power of prefund, QC requirements you need to know starting September 1

July 31, 2023

Starting September 1, 2023 Fannie Mae is implementing new prefunding QC requirements in an effort to improve loan quality and reduce the number of loans that require remediation. In this Lunch & Learn, Chris Clow sits down with QC expert Kristin Broadley to discuss the new prefund requirements, how to successfully implement the new requirements and the benefits for lenders and borrowers.

Date & Time: August 25th, 1 p.m. CT. Register now!

Sponsored by: QC Ally


Kristin Broadley
Chief Innovation Officer, QC Ally

Chris Clow
Editor, Reverse Mortgage Daily

Jemma Pachiano
Chief Innovation Officer, Legend Lending Corp