Lora Grenier

Lora Grenier

National Sales Director

As QC Ally’s National Sales Director, Lora Grenier uses her extensive mortgage industry expertise to drive revenue growth and market expansion by championing technology solutions and process automation. Her background in the fraud, risk mitigation, and compliance arenas allows her to work strategically with client partners to navigate complex challenges and help them maximize efficiency while mitigating risk.

Beginning her mortgage industry background at Interthinx (now First American) in 2005, Lora quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Senior Account Manager in charge of building lasting relationships with top national banks and mortgage companies. She then joined DataVerify as a Strategic Account Manager where she deepened her expertise in understanding client system configurations and provided invaluable support for operational and technical challenges. Rapidly ascending to the role of National Sales Executive, Lora’s proactive approach to problem-solving and her dedication to fostering collaborative partnerships solidified her reputation as a trusted advisor and industry expert.


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National Sales Director